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This is our “staple” list (… and soon link towards the associated grocery list per season), with links towards those recipes & their variants. It is originally a page on the fridge, but here we’ll have the links towards the recipes, to make this website a tool for helping us doing this infamous “menu plan”. Hope you’ll enjoy this tool as much as we do.

[Soon – We’ll add our pre/weekly menu & grocery list, for free because that’s another tool we want to share]


*** Hummus (with Naan)

*** Salmon Bagel Sandwich (soon!)

*** Vegan Faritas (soon!)

*** Homemade Pizza

*** Carbonara Pasta (soon!)

*** Ramen (soon!)

*** Curry Coco (soon!)

*** Quiche (soon!)

*** Stir Fry (soon!)

*** Indian Curry: Slow Cooker Masoor Dhal Tadka

*** Burrito Bowl (soon!)

*** Lentil dish (soon!)

*** Vegan Chili (soon!)

*** Mushroom Stew (soon!)

*** Picadillo

*** Goulash (soon!)

*** Sweet Potatoes Casserole

*** Green Lasagna

*** Crepes (soon!)


*** Chai Tea (Original link)

*** Granola with fruits and peanut butter

*** Green Smoothie (soon!)

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