195 challenge

“One day, I will…” complete the sentence.

We all have a “vision board” whether it’s a list in our head or a physical dashboard sitting in one room of your place.

One of mine is to cook one dish or make one drink specific to each country of this world. This is what is the 195 challenge.

This page is a reminder to get that list growing… and to just do it. Two links per recipe: one of the link that inspired me, and another one with our comments (from “Just Give Me The Recipe”, or “JGMTR”). One day, I’ll be cooking that last 195th recipe, and I wonder what I would feel. Maybe a “that’s it?”, as when I’ve finally learn the basics of salsa dancing, or riding a motorcycle.

Like everything in a full life, lots have changed between 2019 and 2020, resulting in less time to search for an original recipe that is done uniquely in each country. Another observation is that a country might actually be influenced by its history: you get invaded by another, so is your cooking book. So how to keep this project fun and less time demanding in research? The idea is to spending time in the kitchen, not on the computer… While searching for a new way to achieve our project, we were inspired by the board game Risk – and Eureka! Instead of pointing at each single country, let’s target the regions in the world. Also, on a side note, we started this challenge with a random recipe, targeting Puerto Rico… which was not on the original list! so really, we will complete 196 recipes… but who is counting?…

So, let’s do it!


Links to recipe here, from most recent to oldest.


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