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Learn about the two moderators of Kiss-Adventures here! One of the founding principles has been built on keeping it simple. There is no need to complicate life. We’re here to simply enjoy the ride.

What is this blog about ?

Sharing the perspective of two travelers on life and the world .

Michael: Hello! My name is Michael. I am co-founding Kiss-Adventures with Addi because I have a passion for adventure and want to share my experience with anyone who is curious enough to stop on by! I love photography and writing which makes a blog a perfect medium to share our adventures! I hope to build a lasting relationship with you and am looking forward to what the future will hold.

Photo of Michael

Addi: So far, I have lived in 2 states and 2 countries: Ohio & Florida in the US, and in France. I’ve been living in Ohio for 3 years now and I lived 2+ years in Miami, FL. I’m a french native who first started to travel abroad at 21 years old.

Time flies fast, whether you pay attention to it or not. We forget quickly as well, and I don’t want to forget those “past live’s”. I want to remember where I’m coming from, and which culture I’ve been exposed to, because it helps understanding some unexpected or surprising ideas, whether mine or those from where I leave. I’m not exactly French anymore, I’m growing as a citizen of the world, and influenced by many cultures and various thought processes.

Michael is American, born and raised in Ohio, with some Eastern-European background. Our different perspectives and assumptions nurture further more our understanding of our native and growing culture: where we are coming from, and what we aim at being.

Enjoy our blog!

Photo of Addie (and their dog Eine)


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