Meal Plan – Aug-22 2021

Cf the post about what this method is about is described here.

This post is a retrospective on a past meal plan that did work well. using sugar pumpkin from the garden! That doesn’t follow the “one of each” method… The method was still being perfected… The list for that week is:

  • FRUITS: pick 2 of different kind (Strawberry & banana)
  • (A) –
  • (B) Collar green
  • (C, D) Sugar pumpkin
  • (C) Green peas
  • (D) bell pepper
  • (D, E) mushroom
  • (A) pasta
  • (B, C) Farro
  • (D) Rice
  • (E) Bagel
  • (A) Ham
  • (B, C, D) Sausage
  • (D) Eggs
  • (E) Salmon


  • (A) Macaroni salad + ham (to not let stuff die in the fridge)
  • (B) Southern Collard Greens with sausage – Link
  • (C) Roasted apple pumpkin farro – Link
  • (D) Sausage rice stuffed pumpkin – Link
  • (E) Bagel with Salmon

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