Just Give Me the Recipe… Homemade Granola

  • Recipe inspired by the original recipe from cookieandkate.com
  • almost 2lb
  • About 30min (including only 10min prep.)


  • Lighter non-stick mix: Original mix (smaller flakes, less clumps) was the first attempt. It works great as a cereal! We’ve been incorporating it in morning parfait’s. It is very loose and granular.
  • Dark Sticky Mix: 2nd mix (the darker of the two) has incorporated much more honey and oil! If you want a clumpy end product (think granola bar) you need a lot more binding agent! In this case, honey. More oil was added as well, which seems to have also yielded a darker “roasted” product (just keep an eye on it and really let it bake until desired color has been reached)!

On the left you can see our first mix. It was very granular and a pretty decent cereal mix (the grains will get soft and mushy like oatmeal pretty quickly when introduced to liquids). On the right, you’ll see a combined mixture of both the old mix and the new darker mix on the upper half of the container (in case you’re wondering, we do our recipes multiple times and they don’t hit the blog unless we like them). More bake time and more binding agent for a darker roast and larger clumps.

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