Just Give Me the Recipe… Slow Cooker Jambalaya

  • Recipe inspired by the original recipe from www.connoisseurusveg.com
  • at least 4 servings
  • Total prep (with 2 persons): 15min
  • Served after 5 1/2 hr cooking
  • As seen in the picture, Addi has been taking the opportunity to clone vegetables into our garden that we use on a fairly regular basis or ones that we use a little bit and don’t need an entire pack/bundle each time we cook (like the celery.) Often times with celery, we only need one or two or three stalks and then the rest of the celery withers away in the fridge until it needs thrown out. So by growing out own, we can simply cut what we need when we need it… or at least that’s what we plan on doing. The onions grow pretty well in the garden through this cloning method – we’ll see if the celery behaves just as favorably.
  • After the first 4hr, we added rice and sausages (Kielbasa, because Mike loves those sausages). Beware, the stew is warm! We measured between 150F and 160F. So be careful when you add ingredients because the splashes will feel hot on your skin…
  • Why isn’t this dish into the 195 challenge? Because it is disqualified! Why? Because it is a multi-cultural dish.

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