Just Give Me the Recipe… Homemade Pizza

  • Recipe inspired by the original recipe from sugarspunrun.com as well as this youtube video and just some personal experimenting over the course of a few weeks.
  • For 1 pizza with medium crust depth (or however you want it to be since you stretch it).
  • Will serve two people with just a little left over for lunch the next day (the Mrs. and I have consistently had 2 pieces – 1 for each of us – left for the next day).
  • Prep Time ~ 10 minutes
  • Cook Time 9 – 13 minutes (at 500F), 15 – 23 minutes (at 325F)
  • This recipe is in development (we have been cooking this one about once a week for the last couple months)
  • Main learning? Making a pizza dough is way easier than you think, but you need to anticipate preparing it a bit. Every kitchen should have flour and yeast (the kitchen I [Michael] grew up in didn’t, and that’s a shame because you can do a lot more with flour than cookies).
    • Our pizzas only cost a few dollars to make and take as much time to prep as any other dish, you just have to most of the work the day before.
    • Too much water, like from a pasta sauce instead of a tomato paste, can make the crust wet (it’s not in the oven long enough to evaporate).
      • Just use a spoonful or two of tomato paste (really thin layer is all you need since a paste is concentrated.
      • Always put the paste on first (it gives the rest of the ingredients something to stick to).
    • Experiment with various ingredients in the house.
      • Pizza is a great way to clean the fridge of left over ingredients (just like quiche, which we also had fun with for a while).
    • As soon as the crust starts to brown, the pizza is done when at high temps (like 500F). If you leave it in there for just one or two more minutes, you will start to burn the crust. 500F cooks a lot faster than you think it does. IF the stone was at temperature when you put the pizza in, the bottom will look pretty much like the top.
    • Mozzarella is nice, but it doesn’t have that kick that we like. We will be adding multiple cheeses on future pizzas (mozzarella, Swiss, Colby, cheddar, etc.).
  • Will we do this again? We’ve had a pizza about once a week for the last couple months (which might be ending soon because flour has been off the shelves for a while now due to covid 19).
    • They’re easy and this has become an enjoyable experiment. Sometimes preparing recipes for this blog feels like a lot of work and this has become a recipe that is familiar enough to start taking a creative twist on due to the frequency that we’ve been doing it without thinking too much.
      • Keep it simple. It doesn’t have to be complicated.
  • Main advantage? It’s as good as you make it! You get the advantage of knowing exactly what’s in the pizza and can season it or prepare it exactly as you’d like.
    • Bonus tip! Adding seasoning to the pizza once it’s out of the oven is great too!
      • Consider red cayenne pepper, green herbs such as oregano, parsley, sunny paris (this has definitely been our favorite seasoning!), etc., garlic, hot sauce, etc.
  • Main disadvantage?
    • It’s not as easy as a frozen pizza (but it’s way better).
    • It never lasts as long as you’d like.
      • You could just double or triple the recipe, but keep the servings to a minimum, scarcity = appreciation.

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