Just Give Me the Recipe… Green Lasagna

  • Recipe inspired by the original recipe from www.simplyquinoa.com
  • at least 6 servings
  • Total: 1 hr — Prep: 30 min
  • Note to the cook!
    • We use lasagna, among many of our other dishes, as and opportunity to clean the fridge of left over ingredients. In this case we through in a few varieties of cheese ranging from mozerella and a highly processed bacon cheddar to a really moldy cheese (of which the variety we cannot remember – we just scrapped the mold off, but when in doubt just throw it out! We are all responsible for our own health and you should not do something that you feel might jeopardize your health).
    • We also used 2 additional cans of spinach, since the original recipe did not call for enough for our serving size + lots of mushrooms

  • Main learning? 1) We constantly find ourselves in a position where there are either too many noodles or not enough after they have been cooked; it would be prudent to demo your dry noodles before adding sauce and other ingredients to determine if you will have a good portion of noodles. Try to imagine the filler in the pan with the noodles to get a better estimate than, “Well, we’ll just dump the whole box in and hope it’ll fit in a our medium sized pan.” 2) This recipe always goes well with “Béchamel” (FR here), which is a “white sauce” that goes a long way for a lot of recipes that end up in your oven.
  • Will we do this again? Lasagna is great, of course… but hopefully we will get a better serving size of noodles so there aren’t so many left overs that don’t get used.
  • Main advantage?
    • There is a lot of flavor! You can taste all the individual ingredients and their flavor goes well together. Unfortunately we just eye balled all the proportions, so maybe it was great because it was catered to our personal pallets?
  • Main disadvantage?
    • This dish was excellent and didn’t last very long in the fridge. I suppose if we made more then we would have been sick of it by the second or third day of eating it. But definitely a great dish for dinner + lunch and dinner the next day if it’ll stretch that far in your house.

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