Just Give Me the Recipe… Butternut Squash Chili

  • Recipe inspired by the original recipe from: www.giverecipe.com
  • Servings: About 5 servings
  • Total: 1 hr
  • Yes, we like it, and as usual, we didn’t exactly follow the recipes’ instructions.
  • Main learning? First time using butternut squash with beans! And it works. We are also discovering how it’s becoming easier to cook all these vegetable dishes, even during a work night… is it a new habit that we are starting to build? Is it the novelty of using all those vegetables in a different way? Is it because we are feeling more and more energy with this type of dish and consequently are less fatigued by the energy it takes to make them? We wonder….
  • Will we do this again? Yes! Why? It was a satisfying dish – tasty and filling! It includes a nice variety of vegetables (all of the sources that we have looked at for maintaining health while on a vegan diet strongly encourage a diversity of food to ensure all nourishment is met)!
  • Main disadvantage? Well… you have to peel and cubed the butternut squash, but it was worth the effort. Would we do that every night? Absolutely not, but a couple times a month wouldn’t be unbearable.
  • What did you do differently? We used a rubbed spice mix instead of the recommended spices, which goes very well with the concept of “chili”. (It had been sitting in the cabinet for a while and we were waiting for a good opportunity to use it).
  • This recipe is Not part of our ongoing 195 challenge (to cook a dish from every country): It can be seen here 195 Challenge.

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