Just Give Me the Recipe… Poulet Basquaise (Pepper and Tomato Chicken Stew)

  • Recipe inspired by the original recipe from www.notenoughcinnamon.com
  • 4 servings
  • Total: 1hr — Prep: 20 min, Cook: 40min
  • This recipe is part of another project of ours, the 195 Challenge: cook one recipe inspired by various regions in the world. This is recipe #11/195.
  • September 2019 – Have you ever tried to cook one of your favorite comfort foods, but had problems using instructions made by someone from another country? This is what this experiment was about. This is a French recipe posted on a blog done by a French person that adapted the recipe while living in a different country. We tend to use recipes as guidelines and not rigid rules. No offense, but something is missing from this recipe, but we’re not exactly sure what it needs. Mike was not very enthusiastic that day after trying it, and I felt something was lacking as well. But I love the idea to simplify and adapt a recipe to allow us to cook while not having to invest a significant amount of time to execute those long granny recipes (delicious, but simply not practical on a week night). I’ll do this recipe again, maybe adding the “bouquet garni” (link in English) that is a milestone in most French stews.
Chicken, peppers, olives, tomato, onion, and broth.

5 thoughts on “Just Give Me the Recipe… Poulet Basquaise (Pepper and Tomato Chicken Stew)

  1. BananaHammockBiking December 19, 2019 — 5:07 am

    I love this. I’m increasing my food budget soon, and look forward to trying out all your recipes. I love the layout of your posts. So excited to try this all, and look forward to cooking together again in the future. Take care guys! 🙂


    1. Good to hear from you! A lot of our recipes can be done on a budget, but it’s good to hear that you are making room for good food in your life. When we finally do get a chance to get together again, it’ll have to be down south because we are moving to the Atlanta area! Until then, take care buddy 😀 😀 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. BananaHammockBiking May 12, 2020 — 3:27 pm

        Can’t believe I’m just now seeing this! I’m both sad and excited. I don’t blame you for moving south. I am heading west this fall, probably for good. Hoping for New Mexico, Colorado, or maybe Arizona. I may be able to make a trip to come visit you two this summer if you’re up for it. 🙂 I haven’t had a chance to cook lately, but will have a nice little camper kitchen going soon, and lots of free time to try it all out. Been keeping your recipes in mind and looking forward to making them. Keep up the awesome work and adventures!


      2. Yeah, work brought us down to the Atlanta area! I’ve considered CO myself a couple times! We might be able to accommodate a visit this summer; not sure what the world is going to look like in a couple months. And experimenting in the kitchen has been as much fun as it has been work! Sometimes its nice just to make a plate of noodles and not fuss over something immaculate! I hope the future brings you good fortunes!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. BananaHammockBiking May 25, 2020 — 8:43 pm

        It’s all up in the air these days. I’ll let you know if I can make it down and we will see where we end up. 🙂 I’m a huge fan of easy meals myself. Sometimes I just want an egg sandwhich and a glass of water. I hope you’re well these days too!


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