Just Give Me the Recipe… Ackee & Saltfish

  • Original recipe from jamaicans.com
  • 6 servings
  • Total: 30min — Prep: 10min  Cook: 20min


  • This is a quick recipe to make (30min!), and a new way to cook fish.
  • It has not been easy to find the ackee for a reasonable price. I found it online for $50 because it would be shipped straight from Jamaica. Eventually, we went to a “tropical” store that sells ingredients from most central & south America countries, and some from African countries. That store will be helpful for finding other exotic ingredients. We had difficulty findgin the ackee can, because it has stored behind the cashier counter. We were told by the owner of the store, a friendly Cuban man (was it Cuban Michael???), that some people tend to steal that iteam, judged still too expensive. We end up paying about $7: I’m happy with that price. The flavor of this fruit was not strong. Was it because the fruit was coming out of a can? Maybe. I wonder how it would taste fresh, and maybe it might be a good idea to have dinner in one Jamaican restaurant, own by Jamaican, and see how theirs taste. The dish had some flavor, but honestly, not as much as I would have expected from a Jamaican dish. Let’s blame it on the can…
  • This recipe is part of another project of ours, the 195 Challenge: cook one recipe inspired by various regions in the world. This is recipe #5/195.

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