Just Give Me the Recipe… Lebanese couscous (Moghrabieh)


  • The preparation of the broth could be shortened with an off-the-shelf broth but you will certainly lose flavors. It’s worth preparing the chicken broth the day before so the flavor has time to blend (we did it in a mad rush at the same time). It should be easily preserved in the fridge.
  • We had fun finding this Moghrabieh grain. We went to a middle-eastern store, and we were wondering how this grain will look like. We ended up asking the person, suggesting it might be a type of chickpea. “absolutely different!!” that person claimed with a sudden large smile. Mike doesn’t like the fine couscous grain, but really enjoyed that Moghrabieh grain… even if I feel they taste very similar, but the texture is somehow different (Michael – a grain base is a grain base, I think they taste almost identical – and yeah, the texture is definitely different. I can’t stand couscous because of the texture, this, Moghrabieh is totally okay).
  • This recipe is part of another project of ours, the 195 Challenge: cook one recipe inspired by various regions in the world. This is recipe #3/195.

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