Just Give Me the Recipe… Cold Peach Pie

  • Original recipe from (French website) www.marmiton.org
  • For 6 slices / 1 pie
  • Total: 1h20min — Prep: 30min   Cook: 50min
  • Fruit : Peach, Lemon
  • Grain: Flour (and whatever is in the “Jiffy” Pie Crust Mix and in Lady finger biscuits…)
  • Dairy: Sour cream, Butter, Milk
  • NO: Vegetable, Protein, Oil


  • Great cold cake for the summer heat… if you don’t mind the heat of the oven for a little over an hour.
  • Sour cream in a cake might seem off-putting at first, but for the record, we found it surprisingly delightful.
  • “Marmiton” is one of the very well known cooking website in France
  • Using a pre-made mix might feel like cheating, but we don’t mind. If you’d like to make the pie crust from scratch, which we do from time to time, more power to you!

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