Just Give Me the Recipe… Bacon-Coconut Quiche

  • Original recipe from (Book) 131 Method (Published in 2019, HERE the link towards Amazon ; note: not a sponsor/affiliated link)
  • For 6 slices
  • Total: 1hr30min — Prep: 30min   Cook: 60min
  • Vegetable : Zucchini, Red bell pepper
  • Protein: Bacon, Egg
  • Grain: Almond Flour
  • Oils: Coconut Oil
  • Nut & Spice: Coconut cream, Salt, Pepper
  • NO: Fruit, Dairy


  • The motivation for this recipe is to test a different way to make quiche, in this case, healthier oils and more environmentally friendly meat was used.
  • Recipe calls for 12oz of coconut oil (we used all 15 from the can). Our quiche was wet from the oil and very sweet, our guess is less coco-cream will reduce the sweetness (which was almost like candy or cake) & possibly moisture content.
  • Although still high in moisture, after the quiche cools down it will somewhat solidify (coconut oil has low melting point but solid at room temp).
  • The crust with almond flour was a great discovery. It has great nutritious properties (see more details on others blogs, ex: this link on www.healthline.com)

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