Just Give Me the Recipe…… Bread With Minimal Effort

Original recipe from http://www.thecomfortofcooking.com

  • For 1 medium size loaf
  • Total: 30min — Prep: 5min   Cook:25min
  • Grain: Flour
  • NO: Vegetable, Fruit, Protein, Dairy, Oil


  • The bread is cooked when it smells good in the kitchen. Trust your nose
  • Yes, the temperature is that high
  • Add more water, get a gooey dough, cook it 25min: it results in a very soft inside, and thin texture
  • If the dough stays quite dry, it will result in a more crunchy texture
  • (edit 6.11.2019) A gluten-free friend commented that the type of flour is important to identify, and she is right! so the diagram has been updated.

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